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About TK Taxis

TK Taxis have been running for over 15 years in Loughborough, Leicestershire. We have a wide range of cars within our fleet and can provide services for various events in your life. TK Taxis aren’t just an alternative way to travel but a comfortable stress free way to travel from A to B.

We can provide door to door service within Loughborough or any other destination around the UK

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1. Call us or request quote online

Call us on 01509 231313or request a quote. We will provide you with a price for your travel requirements.

2. Taxi at your doorstep or location

We will send one of our experienced licensed drivers to your desired pick up location. Our cars are clean, comfortable and safe. Please ensure you are ready for your agreed pick up date & time.

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3. Drop off at location

Our experienced driver will take you to your desired drop off location. We accept payment via cash and card. Please do not forget to take all your valuables with you when leaving the vehicle.

Why TK Taxis?

We have been serving taxis in Loughborough for over 15 years. We are one of the most reputable family businesses, providing friendly and quality service. Don’t trust what we say, check out our reviews below