Video game of Craps at the Casino


The video game of craps in its easiest type could be played by just two individuals.

The craps that is practiced in gambling establishments is as follows: one person tosses the dice and bets against the dealership, the other gamers can bet against or in favor of the game that the shooter produces, however the one who pays or withdraws the losing bets is constantly the dealership.

The terminology used in craps is usually American.

The craps table: in the middle of one side of the table, and specifically in correspondence with the numbers 7 and 11, sits the head of the video game and on his sides sit 2 staff members who make the payments of the gaining stakes and withdraw the losers. In front of them, standing, is a 3rd worker, geared up with a special curved leather tool by which he returns the two dice to the player who tossed them and who is on the short side to his left.

This table has high sides in order to allow the dice to be rolled without the danger of them leaping off the table.

Number of possible combinations with two dice

All possible mixes with two dice: let’s observe in how many methods 2 dice can be integrated, because each die has six sides, all of them having the very same right to come out, the possible mixes are 6 x 6 = 36.

In order to offer implying to the figures composed in the table listed below, it must be born in mind that the maximum proportionality ratio that can be reached is 1, which is acquired only when the same figure appears in the numerator and denominator of the fraction.

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