Or is this hatred not all that new?

Or is this hatred not all that new?

Now he is killed in a traffic accident. Ohoven was 74 years old. The Robert Koch Institute has again recorded corona numbers in the five-digit range.

The fact that they are lower than the day before is due to the weekend – there is less testing on Saturdays and Sundays. The total number of infections since the beginning of the pandemic has risen to over 530,000 nationwide. The number of new infections has been rising at a rapid pace for weeks. In contrast, the number of deaths remains relatively low – still.

Scientists forecast strong growth for November. One of the reasons for this is the age of the infected. “Source: ntv.de” News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv.de on Diego Maradona Diego Maradona died a few days after a brain operation.

The three daughters of the former world-class footballer are calling for a review of the medication that the 60-year-old has been prescribed. The focus of the investigation is therefore Maradona’s doctor. Fluid in the lungs and a massively weakened heart ultimately led to the death of ex-soccer star Maradona. It is said that there is no suspicion of irregularities.

But the last few hours are being examined because nobody is said to have signed the death certificate. The death of Diego Maradona continues to be a topic on social networks. While daughter Dalma says goodbye to her father on Instagram with a touching text, a new video appears. The short clip is one of the last recordings to show the 1986 soccer world champion alive.

A tasteless snapshot in front of the open coffin of football legend Maradona has serious consequences for an undertaker from Buenos Aires: Not only does a shitstorm break in on social media, he also has to look for a new job. Now he rests in peace: The Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona was buried in a cemetery on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Before that, there had been riots and clashes between police officers and fans during the wake for the soccer star. Tens of thousands of people want to pay their last respects to the football legend Maradona in the government palace in Buenos Aires. Due to the large number of people, the police are closing the line of mourners.

This leads to riots. In Eindhoven they celebrate even without an ex-international Götze. In London, Hoffenheim is an example. But the most disturbing is the Europa League game between SSC Napoli and Rijeka.

But that’s not because of the opponent Napoli. That can happen from time to time! After all, everyone has read them off at some point. However, it becomes uncomfortable when it comes to a death and the faux pas causes countless false reports.

This is what happened on Twitter. Here many mourned Madonna – instead of Maradona. The grief for Diego Maradona is enormous.cheap biology essay writing service But some anger mixes in the tears – from Peter Shilton. The former English national goalkeeper is annoyed to this day about the goal of the “” Hand of God “”.

He complains that the Argentine legend never apologized for the fraud. “Source: ntv.de” What does SV Meppen have to do with Diego Maradona? Much more than many think. In 1982, shortly after his move from Boca Juniors in Buenos Aires to FC Barcelona, ​​the exceptional footballer played a friendly with the Catalans at Emsländer. It was Maradona’s first appearance with the club.

On the occasion of the Argentine’s 60th birthday, the third division club remembered it and congratulated the 1986 world champion via Twitter. “” Happy Birthday Legend “”, they wrote and reminded with photos of the extraordinary friendly game that Barça won 5-0. Source: ntv.de “With 45 million downloads and up to 3.5 million players online at the same time” “Fortnite: Battle Royale” “is currently one of the most popular games worldwide. (Photo: epicgames.com) No game is currently more successful:” “Fortnite: Battle Royale” “is played by millions of people and can inspire new fans every day.

But what attracts players around the world to the online comic-style shooter? If you are interested in video games and occasionally watch Let’s Play videos on YouTube, you can currently hardly ignore “” Fortnite: Battle Royale “”. Videos about the game of Epic Games can be found daily in the YouTube trends and the Google search yields thousands of hits. But even computer game grouches will stumble across the currently most successful game in the children’s room at the latest. If there is one topic that is currently dominating school playgrounds, university campuses, and perhaps even some workplaces, it is almost certainly Fortnite. Within a very short time, the online multiplayer game developed into a veritable mass phenomenon.

The hype just doesn’t seem to want to end. Younger players in particular have fallen for the comic shooter. It can no longer be denied that Fortnite is highly addictive. But why is it that it hits the nerves of the players so much? As early as 1987, Arnold Schwarzenegger slaughtered himself through a brutal game show in “” The Running Man “”.

But it was only through the “” Hunger Games “” books and their film adaptations that the concept of the “” Game of Life and Death “experienced a real renaissance in pop culture. Since then, more and more films with this theme have been produced, such as “” Maze Runner “”, which was released in 2014. The game industry also saw the successful concept and the battle royale genre emerged. The term originally comes from the Japanese book of the same name as well as the dystopia film based on it from the year 2000. The game principle is quite simple: Up to a hundred players fight alone or in a team on one according to the motto “Last-Man-Standing” extensive map against each other until only one is left. In “” Fortnite “” you collect weapons and raw materials on an island, build shelters or bridges and try to hit the right keys as quickly as possible in an exchange of fire to kill the enemy.

You always have to move into the eye of the storm in good time, which narrows over time. If you have escaped the deadly storm, survived to the end and also made the very last opponent cold, a few hip dance moves seal the victory in the “” Battle Royale “”. At first, that doesn’t sound too extraordinary. But what makes the difference in “” Fortnite “” is the pickaxe. Because there is more to do here than collect weapons and shoot: Almost everything on the map can be completely dismantled.

The player thus receives building materials that he can ideally use to build a fort, overcome obstacles or erect a protective wall. There are no limits to the imagination. This feature gives the game a depth and complexity that one would not trust “Fortnite” “at first glance. In addition, the construction function is implemented quite intuitively, although some manual dexterity and practice are required in order to hit the right keys even in tricky situations. With the construction option, “” Fortnite “” cleverly combines the creative elements of “” Minecraft “” with the nerve-wracking tension from shooters like “” Counter Strike “” and uses an unusually harmless and colorful look.

The colorful surroundings appear less threatening and are reminiscent of a fairy tale land in comic design. Green hills, valleys and forests extend variedly over the entire map. The graphic representation of violence in the game is much more harmless than in many other online shooters. Not least because it is not based on reality.

Of course, the whole point of the game is to shoot down as many enemies as possible, but it doesn’t involve any blood or corpses. If a player goes down, he is simply teleported away. This gives “” Fortnite “” a big advantage over the competition: While its predecessor “Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds” (PUBG) is only released from the age of 18, children and Youngsters play “” Fortnite “” from the age of 12. This is precisely why the game is very popular with younger people.

In addition, unlike the competition, the basic version is available free of charge. With 45 million downloads and up to 3.5 million players online at the same time, “” Fortnite: Battle Royale “” breaks all records and is one of the most popular games worldwide. If you take a look at the development of search queries on Google for the keyword “” fortnite “” over the last few months, the conclusion that the number of players has increased significantly since the beginning of the year is obvious. Despite the huge fan base, “” Fortnite “” has not yet quite reached its peak. “” Pokemon Go “”, “” Minecraft “” and also “” Grand Theft Auto “” recorded significantly higher peaks on Google Trends a few years ago and were therefore apparently searched more often on Google than today “” Fortnite “”. It remains to be seen whether the comic shooter will make it to the Olympics of video games. What is certain is that other game developers will also want a piece of the pie in the future.

The new part “” Black Ops 4 “” of the popular Call-of-Duty series will also be a battle royale. In addition, rumors are circulating that the new “” Red Dead Redemption 2 “” should be equipped with a similar mode. Meanwhile, the next innovation for “” Fortnite “” is pending, which apparently comes with a superhero theme. Source: ntv.de “News and information at a glance.

Collection of articles from n-tv.de on the subject of deaths Actually, Vladimir Pushkov is just jumping after a ball. In Agano, Japan, the Russian Consul General plays volleyball with some employees. But the game ends in tragedy. Pushkov loses control, falls down a slope and dies. The reactor disaster in Fukushima, Japan over a year ago left a picture of devastation.

But the accident had hardly any impact on the health of the residents in the region. No deaths have been recorded so far. And long-term effects also seem minor. Almost 300,000 women die each year as a result of childbirth or pregnancy – 99 percent of them live in developing countries, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. The UN still sees the number as a success, because there are only half as many deaths as in 1990.

As a child, Atilla Kavdir lost several limbs in an electrical accident. In January he received two arms and one leg – now he is dying in the intensive care unit. It is not the first death in Turkey after a spectacular limb transplant. A tragic death overshadows the football weekend in Italy: During a second division match in Pescara, the 25-year-old Piermario Morosini suffers a heart attack.

All attempts at resuscitation are unsuccessful. It is the second death in Italy’s sport in two weeks. Underground gas accident: a miner dies in a potash mine near Hanover at a depth of 1200 meters. Three buddies are injured.

The miners presumably drilled through a gas bubble and inhaled toxins. It is the second death in the mine in seven weeks. Almost 30 years after the violent death of Lolita Brieger in the Eifel, the trial of her alleged murderer begins. But he is silent.

At the same time, a whole village wants the truth to finally come to the table. The deaths in the premature baby ward of the Bremen-Mitte Clinic have consequences: the department is evacuated. And the managing director is on leave for the time being. In Bremen politicians have to answer the agonizing question: Could the death of two more babies have been prevented in the neonatal ward in the Bremen-Mitte Clinic?

Many say yes, if consequences had been drawn earlier. The Senate is only now taking action: the clinic director has to go, the ward will be completely closed. New deaths in Bremen’s clinic: two premature babies die of blood poisoning. It is very likely that the same resistant bacteria as last year have returned.

At that time, three newborns had died and several became seriously ill. “The Argentine soccer idol Diego Maradona left the hospital in Buenos Aires on Thursday after eleven days. He was in a red car with tinted windows from the underground car park of the clinic” “Suizo-Argentina The Argentine television reported that the former elite athlete, who had heart disease, wanted to return to Cuba as soon as possible. There was initially no official confirmation. The 43-year-old had acute heart and lung problems last Sunday a week ago been taken to the intensive care unit of the clinic.

He had to be artificially ventilated for almost a week. Maradona has a weak heart and is overweight. He is also believed to still have drug problems, according to unconfirmed media reports, having almost died of a drug overdose in early 2000.

He then underwent rehab in Cuba, where he has since spent most of his time. Source: ntv.de “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv.de on the subject of Diego Maradona On June 25, 1994, Diego becomes Diego Maradona convicted of doping at the World Cup in the USA.

After that, not only the former national hero and soccer star, but all of Argentine soccer falls into a valley of tears. Diego Maradona has a new job. An extremely lucrative one. But the football legend moves to Europe’s last dictatorship. The Argentine becomes president of the Belarusian club Dinamo Brest.

His enthronement is spectacular and Maradona himself is highly ambitious. After the middle finger farce, bizarre dance and naps in the stands, Argentina’s soccer legend Diego Maradona is causing the next World Cup scandal. Because he does not agree with a referee performance, he wedges against Fifa – and rowed back. Death threats against Sweden’s player Jimmy Durmaz of Turkish origin, homophobic battle cries in the stadium. As a spectator of this World Cup one gets the impression that xenophobia and bullying are on the rise.

Or is this hatred not all that new? Maradona is raging in the stands, Matthew and Ronaldo are kicking a game in Moscow’s Red Square. The world football association likes to adorn itself with global football legends and let their services cost quite a bit – exactly how much money is flowing remains unclear. In a final drama, the Argentine soccer team made it to the round of 16.

Hardly anyone speaks of it later. The focus is on folk hero Maradona, who makes such a grotesque appearance in the stands that one has to worry. By Judith Günther The preliminary round match between Argentina and Nigeria is not for the faint of heart.

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