Opinion: Mohammed cartoons belong in the classroom

Opinion: Mohammed cartoons belong in the classroom

Without any sensitivity to the attacked Jewish community, he emphasized that the police had nothing to blame and "good work" performed; Mind you, on the day of the attack itself, Yom Kippur, the highest Jewish holiday, the Halle synagogue was without 24-hour surveillance – Holger Stahlknecht only ordered that after the crime.

His resignation would certainly be a signal to those responsible for security for more empathy, but anti-Semitism alone would not allow itself to be subjugated either. This can only succeed if we finally face the problem everywhere – without the eternal defensive reflexes. Here employers are called upon to act, (sports) clubs, schools, cultural institutions, churches, mosques, individual families, etc. This applies to everyone without exception. It doesn’t matter who is more or less to blame. It is also a diversionary maneuver for those who immediately point the finger at the subject of anti-Semitism "the Germans" show how with those who instantly "the immigrants" refer. Anti-Semitism is a fatal crime for all of humanity. Nobody can and must remain inactive in the fight against it.

Right-wing terror in Halle: The dead are suddenly very close to us Reports on anti-Semitic motives: Man near synagogue attacks Report from Halle: ‘My mother was just a few meters away’

PS: If you are wondering how to proceed, the best thing to do is to contact the anti-Semitism officer.

Lamya Kaddor is German with Syrian roots. In her column "Nuances" the Islamic scholar, Islamic religious educator and journalist for t-online analyzes the topics of Islam and migration.

Sources used: Jüdische Allgemeine: Tabernacle in front of the BurjFrankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: Stahlknecht defends police after attack on synagogue

Ironically, the left Kevin Kühnert and Sascha Lobo unanimously accuse the political left of being too quiet on the subject of Islamism, while on the subject of right-wing extremism they would always lapse into loud indignation. A replica.

Kevin Kühnert, Juso boss and SPD vice-president, has received a lot of praise from the conservative side for his appeal that the political left end its silence on Islamism. In a guest post for the "mirror" he wrote of "uncomfortably conspicuous silence" and quoted the well-known right wing accusation that the left-wing liberal camp was secretly cuddling with Islamists. Whatever prompted Kevin Kühnert to write his text, he is running astray with it.

Because it is rather the case that left-wing liberals are among the greatest enemies of the Islamists: They are for feminism and advocate equal rights for men and women, they demand equal rights for LGBTIQ, they are often critical of religion and question traditions, they force them self-determination and singing praises of free thinking – in short: They represent everything that Islamists hate profoundly.

Most Islamists are fundamentalists, and fundamentalists do not have smooth transitions to the left, but to conservatives, which is why they are more likely to be found in conservative and not in left circles. Some Islamists even cooperate with right-wing extremists, with whom they not only share hostility towards Jews and basic fascist ideas.

Kühnert and Lobo are right on one point

But without drifting into a proseminar on political extremism: Kevin Kühnert and, by the way, also him "mirror"-Columnist Sascha Lobo made a partial observation on the matter. "To an extreme right-wing murder", also writes Sascha Lobo, "left outrage follows, an Islamist murder is followed by quiet, left-wing contrite".

Compared to Islamism, leftists are louder and more audible, at least with right-wing extremism. That’s true. However, the explanation for this is very simple, obvious and plausible and has nothing to do with it "Disinterest" and "moral laziness" to do.how to write an argumentative essay outline The fact that leftists shout louder when it comes to right-wing extremism is simply due to the fact that right-wing extremism has almost been criminally played down for decades.

Blind in the right eye for a long time

It is only for an extremely short time (more precisely since the murder of Walter Lübcke, the attacks in Christchurch, Halle and Hanau) that we have been discussing right-wing radicalism, racism and anti-Semitism loudly, broadly and openly in society. The Oktoberfest attack in Munich in 1981 was only officially rated as a right-wing extremist act of terror in July 2020. In 1993, Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl still refused to take part in the funeral service for the victims of the racist arson attack in Solingen; Helmut Kohl got "God knows other important dates", said government spokesman Dieter Vogel at the time.

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In the 2000 years, the NSU was able to murder for years while the authorities continued their investigations "foreign" Victims and their families focused. Even the attack on the Olympia shopping center in Munich in 2016 was only classified as politically motivated three years later due to the right-wing extremist and racist views of the perpetrator.

The state always saw the danger on the left

For most of the time, Germany has been run by conservative governments since 1945. The picture of the authorities’ blindness in the right eye was mostly painted during their time of political responsibility; although I explicitly do not want to exclude the social-liberal phase under the leadership of the SPD, especially under Helmut Schmidt. The state did not think it was in the focus of right-wing extremists – there were only minorities such as Jews or foreigners – but of left-wing extremists, who were thus unceremoniously declared a greater danger.

A man like Thilo Sarrazin achieved mega-giga book success with his views in this country. The AfD moved into all state parliaments and the Bundestag. Pegida gathered on German streets. Until 2018 a man like Hans-Georg Maaßen was President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Against such concentrated right-center power had demands from "Left"to take right-wing extremism seriously, never a chance.

Left outrage was urgently needed

And you really wonder about that "left outrage" right-wing extremist violence? Without these "left outrage" Probably nothing or much less would have changed in this country. She probably contributed to the fact that, 40 years after the Oktoberfest attack, Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann and Prime Minister Markus Söder saw themselves in a position to publicly admit political mistakes made by their CSU icon Franz Josef Strauss because he held the responsibility of the right-wing extremist "Military sports group Hoffmann" 1980 and in the years after "completely underrated" have.

We have now been talking intensely about right-wing extremism for a comparatively short time (Islamism has been high on the agenda since 2001, left-wing extremism since the 1960s), and voices are promptly everywhere that the topic should slowly be cooked on a smaller flame – in Kevin Kühnert and Sascha Lobo will join this choir for better or for worse.

Is there really a blind spot on the left?

So far, for argumentative reasons, I have left the suspicion in the room that there would actually be as loud a silence on the political left with regard to Islamism as is assumed. Neither Kevin Kühnert nor Sascha Lobo will prove whether this is actually the case. But that’s how you experience it. That is fine and needs to be noted. But what is really true of the right-wing narrative: Leftists preferred to abandon Islamism for fear of being accused of Islamophobia?

On the one hand, Islamophobia is not just a right-wing phenomenon, it can also be found among left-wing secularists and in the center. On the other hand, I personally hear a lot of leftists who oppose Islamism, from the Left Party to the Greens to the SPD. The Amadeu Antonio Foundation, which is hated by rights, is active in this field, as is the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, associations like Ufuq or the Liberal Islamic Federation (LIB e.V), which I co-founded. Experts like Claudia Dantschke are an important voice in the fight against Islamism.

When criticism of Islamism turns into Islamophobia

Perhaps the outcry and propaganda of the far right and their cursors in the case of Islamist terror are so overwhelming that you just don’t really notice the left. Perhaps their lower phon number is also due to the fact that, precisely because of the implicit risk of discrimination against people, they choose their words in a more differentiated and considered manner?

Too often the right and important condemnation of Islamism on the conservative side takes on right-wing populist traits. Too often, behind their legitimate charges of Islamist violence, prosecutors hide messages of Islamophobia, nationalist thinking and rejection of immigration.

Deconstructing that, however, is left with a clear conscience to the left. And so, with Kevin Kühnert and Sascha Lobo, one could ask, conversely, why the conservatives are so uncomfortably conspicuous when the danger of Islamism is used to supposedly exclude them "Strange" to operate. Out "Disinterest"? Out of moral laziness?

Focus on Islamism more 

The state structures for the fight against Islamism have been fully expanded over the past two decades, and they must be expanded further. The fatal knife attack in Dresden and the bestial murder of the French history teacher Samuel Paty have shown in a shocking way that Islamism is not dead. 

Opinion: Mohammed cartoons belong in the classroom

 Today there are finally various de-radicalization programs, conferences, research centers, official agencies, cross-ministerial cooperations against Islamism, while when it comes to racism and right-wing extremism, we have to kneel, beg and beg Horst Seehofer for months so that he can take part in something as natural as an objective study consents.

Dresden knife attack: Suspected Islamist was observed on the day of the crime. Contents was a Hitler parody: Court: Police chat was a Hitler parody. Another incident in Halle: Jewish community smeared with graffiti

Kevin Kühnert and Sascha Lobo are absolutely correct in calling for Islamism not to be left to the right. I have been promoting this myself for years. On closer inspection, however, the alleged left-wing appeasement towards Islamists remains primarily a narrative of the right, and one should therefore carefully consider whether one would like to further feed it.

Lamya Kaddor is German with Syrian roots. In her column "Nuances" the Islamic scholar, Islamic religious educator and journalist for t-online analyzes the topics of Islam and migration. The views expressed in the guest post reflect the opinion of the author and do not necessarily correspond to those of the t-online editors.  

Sources used: Column by Sascha Lobo im "mirror"

Will the AfD manage to put itself at the head of the corona rebels and make political capital out of it? Both the party and the movement face a dilemma.

The Bundestag election is approaching, the SPD has already put up a candidate for Chancellor, and for some time now it has become more and more obvious that the AfD is also thinking about returning to the Bundestag. They probably want to buy the ticket for this from the Corona rebels.    

Their calculation is clear: Angry people take to the streets, angry people are their main clientele, so you have to ensnare angry people. At first the party tried to refresh itself from the anger over the euro policy, later from that over the refugee policy. Last year they tried it with anger about the climate protests of the "Fridays for Future"Movement and now they consequently want to dock with the corona policy. 

Corona protests: which flags are blowing?
Photo series with 10 pictures

Chrupalla: "Victory over paternalistic politics"

When "Victory of freedom over an anti-democratic, ideology-driven policy of prohibition and paternalism by the established parties" Party leader Tino Chrupalla cheered the decisions of the Berlin administrative judiciary against the prohibition order by the Berlin Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD). Chrupalla’s deputy Beatrix von Storch confessed with conviction the morning before the demo on Deutschlandfunk: "I’ll go there, probably without a mask".

Björn Höcke: The AfD politician advertised on Facebook for numerous people to come to the demo in Berlin. (Source: Jacob Schröter / imago images)

Group leader Alice Weidel warned a week beforehand on Facebook: "Our freedom is in danger" and promoted the "brave" and "absolutely to be welcomed" Initiative of a "Citizens demo for freedom". Björn Höcke pleaded on Instagram: "Please come to Berlin on August 29th, 2020! Please come to Berlin on August 29th, 2020!", and carried out: "Do this service for your country, for a free and self-determined future, for your children. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

So far, so common. In the end, can the AfD actually manage to turn the skepticism against corona restrictions into political capital? Tens of thousands on the streets of Berlin and an unreported number of sympathizers who found no time, no money or too little motivation to also participate in the demonstration certainly promise potential.

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Corona volte could come too late

In addition, thanks to Andreas Geisel’s unwise demo ban, the AfD can unfortunately be partly right in terms of content: "The prognosis or the assumption that the rules will not be observed cannot lead to the fundamental right being suspended"argued Beatrix von Storch.

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