Luis Rubiales will call elections in the first semester of 202

Luis Rubiales will call elections in the first semester of 202

Iniesta lived the first weekly preparatory session of Barça, in which the injured Arthur and Ter Stegen did field work with the group, to which the homegrown players Iñaki Peña, Carles Pérez and Ansu Fati were added, and in which he was absent with the permission of the Todibo club.

Don Andrés had criticized the day before, in Onda Cero’s ‘El Transistor’, the way FC Barcelona acted in the ‘Valverde case’, on the tightrope after the last Barça defeat in the Super Cup. "The forms of Barça are being a bit ugly, because you have to have respect for your current coach"he exclaimed.

Follow the crisis on the Barça bench live

Bartomeu joins the board to decide whether to kick Valverde or not

&# 128075; @ andresiniesta8 visits the training of the first team.&# 128205; Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper

– FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona_es) January 13, 2020

Recover the essence of sport, of football; give more importance than the business side. This is, globally, the double message that the former president of Barcelona Sandro Rosell has transmitted during the colloquium held at the Museu Colet organized by the Associació Catalana de Dirigents de l’Esport. Rosell has been the first guest. "We are forgetting the essence of sport, we think more that clubs are companies", he claimed.

Jan 16, 2020 at 5:41 pm CET

Sandro Rosell acknowledged that personally "I feel better than last year", A clear reference to the time he spent in preventive detention. "I have had, unfortunately, two years to think a lot and one of the topics that I have analyzed has been sports management. I wonder: aren’t we forgetting our roots and the sport itself? Have we not thought that clubs are companies ?, he explained. The former Barça manager is clear that "we must return to the roots, recover the sport".

One of the key factors for the future will be "training". He defended that the grassroots clubs is more important "invest in having the best product than invest in having the best brand".

Rosell revealed that he would never buy a football club. "It is a company where you don’t do what you want. If you win, the footballers win; if you lose, the owner loses", said. On a professional level, he did not hesitate to point out that "the arrival of Russian, Arab and Chinese capital to the clubs has blown it up today. Financial ‘fair play’ is no longer ‘fair play’".

Rosell breaks his silence with a very emotional speech

Sandro Rosell, acquitted

And a warning about the future: TV rights. "Last season in the Premier League it started to go down. The market in China will mark a lot, but I believe that before reaching the limit and falling into a new great crisis, we must be prepared. Clubs must be self-financing", he sentenced.

Mauricio Pochettino is the favorite, according to the bookmakers, to land next season on the Old Trafford bench. The general feeling in the Premier League circles is that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will not continue at the helm of Manchester United, who is in serious danger of being dismissed before the end of the official competition if he does not improve the results.

01/02/2020 at 16:02 CET


Mauricio Pochettino

After the defeat at Emirates (2-0), United are 24 points behind Liverpool, the unquestionable leader in the Premier League. Solskjaer’s team occupies fifth place in the standings but only maintains a difference of eleven points with the relegation zone. The first warning lights have already been lit at Old Trafford where it is not ruled out, in the event of an evident and rapid improvement of the team, in making decisions before the end of the season. The club’s loss of prominence since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure in 2013 is obvious and very worrying.

Pochettino, the favorite

The defeat at Emirates has triggered the option of Mauricio Pochettino in the bookmakers, a coach who was already in the crosshairs of United before he was dismissed from Tottenham last November. Now, with no contractual commitment, your options have skyrocketed …

Manchester United looks at Pochettino

The three options that Pochettino has

The Hispanic / Argentine coach is, in the betting houses, better considered than other prestigious coaches such as Massimiliano Allegri, Ralf Rangnick, Brendan Rodgers, Laurent Blanc, Erik Ten Hag, Chris Wilder or the selector Greth Southgate.

In the General Assembly of June 10, the RFEF approved a proposal to include 19 new ex officio members in said federative body. Initially, this proposal included the 3 historical First-class clubs that have never been relegated, four active soccer players with special sporting merits, coach and beach soccer player with more sporting merits, and presidents of different bodies such as the AFE, the indoor soccer union. , National League of Professional Soccer. This proposal was pending approval by the Board of Directors of the RFEF. 

Dec 27, 2019 at 12:53 pm CET

Ramon Fuentes

On December 20, we already anticipated in SPORT that the RFEF waived to present before this directive body of the CSD all the statutory, regulatory and disciplinary code modifications approved that June 10, since the reports prepared by the CSD in this regard did not endorsed. They have only maintained a modification of the Statutes with respect to the ex officio members in the Assembly. That if, of the initial 19, they were only reduced to five. 

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And among those five that the RFEF wants to move forward, as Luis Rubiales himself stated in the Assembly on December 16, are the two most important clubs in Spanish football: Fútbol Club Barcelona and Real Madrid. Two entities with which the current president maintains an extraordinary relationship. Both are also members of the Board of Directors of the RFEF. These two members would be joined by Athletic Club de Bilbao. All three are the only Spanish football clubs that have never lost their category. 

This is the condition that the federative estate itself included as a merit for them to become part of the current Assembly as ex officio members of it. In other words, they would never be elected and, being professional football clubs. They would be outside the twenty First and Second division clubs that are currently part of the federative assembly body. 

As we already had in SPORT on December 20, the RFEF wanted to include this proposal in the meeting of the CSD Board of Directors seven days ago. The state body that must approve any regulatory proposal made by sports federations. The proposal was not dealt with when it arrived after the deadline and was not initially included in the agenda.

You will have to wait for the next meeting of the CSD Board of Directors to know whether or not you see the light. Because there is also a report from the TAD (Administrative Court of Sports) to which SPORT has had access that advises against it. He considers that the application of this conditioner itself limits any other club in the future given that both now and in the future, only these three clubs will meet this exclusive condition of not having relegated from the First Division. 

In addition to the three Primera clubs, the other two members of the initial 19 that the RFEF wants to be born are the coach and beach soccer player with the most national and international sporting merits. Here too he advises against it. 

The RFEF electoral process will last four months

Luis Rubiales will call elections in the first semester of 2020

We will therefore see what happens because, if we go ahead, we would be facing something unprecedented in federative football and in the Spanish regulations itself that establishes the president of the RFEF and the presidents of the territorial federations as ex officio members in an Assembly. And then it remains to be seen if they will obtain the approval of the CSD so that they can already have this condition in the electoral process that Luis Rubiales wants to advance for the first semester of 2020. 

The Spanish-Brazilian forward Diego Costa explained that his departure from Atlético de Madrid "it was the best that could happen" both for him and for the club and has assured that he meets "great enthusiasm, strength, desire and passion for what comes next, the next challenge".


On at 14:38 CET

Europa Press

"Today with sadness, but at the same time happy, I come to say goodbye to all the Atleti fans, to all my people. Sad for not being able to be more part of this family, being in the day to day, but happy to have been part of it, of this great club. Here I have lived difficult moments, from which I have always risen thanks to the help of doctors, physios and recuperators and of my colleagues. And happy moments that are already in my memory and in everyone’s"Diego Costa wrote on his Instagram account.

Diego Costa’s farewell message to the Atlético fans

| instagram

The attacker leaves "happy to have been able to make history" and for having put your "little name in this great club". "Something I always wanted, but never came to imagine that it could happen. I want to thank all the Atléticos, but I think my time has come and that both for me and for the club, it was the best thing that could happen. I think it is the best time for both of us and the best way to help this team and the club. I have given my best, or at least I always tried to do my best for this club and this shirt"he mused.

In addition, Costa distributed thanks among "colleagues, doctors, physios, recuperators and coaching staff", but especially to the mattress hobby, which he referred to as "the biggest thing this club has".

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