Armenian Feminine Singers

dating armenian girlLilit Hovhannisyan (Armenian: Լիլիթ Հովհաննիսյան, born 7 December 1987 in Yerevan, Armenia), is an Armenian pop singer. There are too many beautiful Armenian female names like Arev (sun), Arpi (solar), Ani (title of an ancient Armenian capital city), Arusiak (a morning star), Anush (means sweet), Lusine (means mysterious like a Moon), Taguhi (means a princess), Knkush (means light and cute), Knarik (means Lyre, the musical instrument), Hasmik (jasmine), Astghik (small star, Venus), Margarit (pearl), Almast (diamond), Araks (identify of a river in Armenia), Arshaluys (daybreak, twilight), Lala (tulip) and a lot more.

Nune Yesayan (Armenian: Նունե Եսայան, born August 5, 1969 in Yerevan, Armenia), commonly known as Nune or Nouné, is a well-liked Armenian pop singer who started singing with an Armenian jazz band in the early Nineties earlier than turning into a lounge singer at resorts in the Middle East.

Armenian is a diminutive type of violet, which is short-lived and is used as an unbiased identify. It is without doubt one of the oldest names of Armenia that’s nonetheless used right this moment. The identify, Shushan, is a biblical baby girl identify and since IV century the name is popular for Armenians.

Armenian from the word pearl, which, as a feminine, can be utilized by many other peoples (French: Margerit, Russian Margarita, and so on.). The newly-created figurative identify is composed of 9 feminine keyboards (like Choliné, Narine). At this time, it’s a widespread title among Armenians.

Within the Armenians it’s seen from the 18th century. Armenian fireplace from the word hearth”, within the diminutive derivatives. It’s unfold amongst Diaspora Armenians. It’s generally often known as Khosrov’s feminine form. Narine Dovlatyan (Armenian: Նարինե Դովլաթյան, born January 7, 1991 in Malishka, Armenia) is an Armenian Jazz singer and actress.

In the Armenian language, we meet other types of this identify, reminiscent of Maroux, Maro, Marusia, Marie, and so forth. As an individual may be very in style among Armenians. There’s additionally a standard costume of Armenian ladies. Look is very important for Armenian ladies particularly for those who reside in the cities, in order that they take a whole lot of pleasure in their appearance.

Nevertheless, to get the clear details about the origin of this name is a bit complicated but, but keep certain that the name is sort of lovely and meaning in your child lady. Within the old citations it’s not talked about as a character, but for the reason that finish of the 19th century this name was unfold among Armenians, beneath the influence of Raffi’s Khint” novel.

Tatev is a pure Armenian identify. She is one of the most stunning girls of the world and she is Armenian. Armenian Anush, the identify of Anushik (Nushik). Armenian women have very robust household ties and expect to work along with their husband to preserve family unity.

SONA (Armenian: ՍՈՆԱ) or Sona Sarkisyan (Armenian: Սոնա Սարգսյան born on July 15, 1973), is an Armenian singer. The lady is the energy of the family, in a conventional Armenian family. Russian Inna is a reputation that has not too long ago been spread among Armenians.

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