Again and again there are arguments and fights that end in knife fights

Again and again there are arguments and fights that end in knife fights

Then there was evidence of the second suspect. The young people should now be questioned about the fact.

According to the police, around 150 people were on the platform and in the arriving S-Bahn at the time of the incident. The fact that the train station was relatively busy at this time was due to a celebration by young people nearby. A large number of the partygoers are said to have left the event around midnight on Friday and went to the train station. After the tragedy, many people present were looked after by emergency chaplains, and the transport company sent two buses to the station as a place to stay for the witnesses.

The event led to a large-scale operation. In addition to the police, there were emergency doctors and paramedics as well as firefighters on the scene. Forensic agents investigated the scene. The railway line was therefore closed for several hours.

In order to prevent acts of violence in Berlin’s S-Bahn trains, the federal police are taking special measures. Weapons and similar objects are now prohibited on a certain route.

On the most important Berlin S-Bahn line, it is forbidden to take any weapons and other dangerous objects with you on the weekend nights for the next few months. The federal police imposed the ban, which applies to all trains and stations between the zoo and Lichtenberg. The reason for this are numerous acts of violence, especially at weekends in stations and trains.

The police are particularly focused on aggressive young men who have jackknives, brass knuckles, baseball bats or even irritant gas with them: permitted but still dangerous objects.

Again and again acts of violence

The so-called administrative order gives the police more control options than usual. They can search anyone without any concrete suspicion.

Troubled Halloween night: masked young people attack buses in Berlin

On weekends, thousands of people partying on the S-Bahn stations are out and about, including many tourists as well as drug dealers and pickpockets who have been attracted to them. Again and again there are arguments and fights that end in knife fights.

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What are journeys for the bereaved?

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Why are there trips for the bereaved?

After the death of a spouse or another important caregiver, many people fall into a phase of depression. It is easier for like-minded people to talk about a loss, and by exchanging ideas with travelers who met a similar fate, new courage can be taken. The specially selected travel program can also provide distraction if this is desired. Since the feeling of loneliness is particularly pronounced during a vacation, many mourners are afraid to travel. Traveling for the bereaved is a way to cope better with the loss of someone and to continue to participate in life despite everything.

S-Bahn chaos in the north of Berlin: an accident with a truck obstructed traffic on a railway bridge. Rescue workers were also on duty.

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A truck crashed into a bridge in Berlin-Reinickendorf and caused a major rescue operation and problems with the S-Bahn. Since the bridge may have been damaged, the trains on S-Bahn line 1 did not run between Schönholz and Waidmannslust on Wednesday morning, announced the S-Bahn operator.

According to the fire brigade, a person was injured in the accident on Waidmannsluster Damm and treated by paramedics.

Sources used: dpa

Stuttgart (dpa) – Ironically, on the opening weekend of the Cannstatter Volksfest, a defective S-Bahn stopped in the tunnel under Stuttgart’s main train station on Saturday afternoon and paralyzed rail traffic.

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Hundreds of passengers disembarked after almost an hour and set off on foot towards daylight. The Federal Police wrote on Twitter that the entire main train station had been temporarily blocked because of the many people on the tracks. Regional and long-distance trains could run again a little later.

As an eyewitness reported, the front part of the S-Bahn was already in daylight, the rear part in the dark tunnel. The S-Bahn line 2 was heading towards Bad Cannstatt, where Germany’s second largest festival on the Wasen had opened on Friday. Many passengers were therefore in costume.

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Getting out on the open track in the tunnel – a dangerous action, as a spokeswoman for Deutsche Bahn explained afterwards: “If you get off inside the track system, you are dealing with electricity. Normally, the overhead line must first be earthed before someone gets out.”

The Federal Police had initially warned on Twitter to keep calm on the train: “We know that the situation on the train is very uncomfortable.” Around 200 passengers went outside on their own, despite the request to stay on the train, according to the eyewitness. Eventually the whole train was evacuated by the police. The passengers – accompanied by the police – were taken back to the main train station on foot. According to the federal police, the train had broken down due to technical problems.

In a quarrel over a delivery of 200,000 protective masks, the US embassy reacted to the apology from Berlin’s Governing Mayor Michael Müller. “We take note of the mayor’s apology. We regret that the allegations we have rejected have led to further tensions – and that during a crisis that we all want to overcome together,” said the embassy in Berlin.

The SPD politician Müller had recently struck more moderate tones in the dispute over the masks, which probably went to the USA from Bangkok instead of Berlin. “There was a sharpness in the comments made by Mr. Geisel and me, which I regret. I’m sorry,” Müller said on Tuesday. “Maybe we should let this argument rest for a while.” When Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD) and he spoke about the USA, there was “great tension”, according to Müller. “Because we weren’t sure when we would get how much material, and it was scarce.”

Geisel announced on Friday that the masks intended for the Berlin police had been “confiscated” at the instigation of the USA, he spoke of an “act of modern piracy”. Müller had also sharply criticized the United States: “The US President’s actions are anything but solidarity and responsibility. It is inhuman and unacceptable,” he tweeted.

The German Navy will receive four new multi-purpose combat ships of the type MKS 180. The budget committee of the Bundestag approved six billion euros on Wednesday for the largest naval order of its kind in the history of the Bundeswehr. The ships are considered “all-purpose weapons” in the Navy. They are to be built under the leadership of the Dutch Damen shipyard, primarily at Blohm and Voss in Hamburg.

The major order is having an impact on the German shipyard landscape even before construction begins. There was criticism of the contract for a foreign company. The Kiel shipyard German Naval Yard as a bypassed applicant wanted to sue. Bremen’s Lürssen shipyard, the owner of Blohm and Voss, is involved in the project as a German partner.

Federal politics has long been pushing for the German naval shipyards to pool their strengths and become competitive across Europe. In May she therefore welcomed the announcement by Lürssen and German Naval Yard that they would be merging their naval shipbuilding. The Kiel shipyard dropped its threat of legal action. The largest German naval shipyard ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) in Kiel, whose specialty is the construction of submarines, remains outside for the time being.

The multi-purpose combat ship MKS 180 should be able to monitor large sea areas all over the world for a long time and, if necessary, to rescue German citizens from crisis situations. In the North Atlantic or Mediterranean, it should be able to prevail in sea battles against other warships of its kind and submarines.

The ship, the length of which is given as about 155 meters, should be able to remain in the operational area for two years. The 110-strong crew will then rotate every four months. It should be possible to equip the ship with built-in modules for various military missions – for example as a submarine hunter or as a floating base for anti-piracy missions.

There was even praise for the project from the opposition. “The Europe-wide tendering and awarding procedure took a long time, but the ministry apparently got a lot right with the contract,” said defense expert Tobias Lindner (Greens).

Berlin / Cannes (dpa) – No film stars, no red carpet, no premieres: The Cannes Festival is also affected by the Corona crisis and will not take place in May as usual.

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Originally, it should have opened on Tuesday evening (May 12th) in the south of France. Instead, the artistic director Thierry Frémaux has to rethink. In an interview with the German Press Agency, the 59-year-old tells what ideas he now has for the festival.

Question: Actually we would all meet at the film festival now. What are the current plans for the festival?


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Answer: Given the epidemic, it made sense to cancel the festival, but (Festival President) Pierre Lescure and I didn’t want to continue until 2021 and abandon those who were counting on us. That’s why we decided to move on now so that the festival can contribute to what’s next. The health crisis is dramatic, but we cannot miss the return to life. And Cannes wants to be an integral part of that recovery. We will therefore announce an official selection at the end of May to say which films we have seen and liked in order to facilitate their release in cinemas and at festivals. Then we host an online version of the film market. And in mid-June we want to present the “Cannes Outside the Walls” plan with the films we support, in France and abroad.

Question: There are rumors about a possible collaboration with the Venice Festival. Can you comment on that, please?

Answer: These are not rumors, but a very strong shared desire. The question arose of whether Cannes could be postponed to September, but we wouldn’t just fit into the Mostra dates. Now we’re talking about meeting all of us at the Lido, on behalf of world cinema, to support the same films. An extraordinary situation requires an extraordinary response.

Question: You have announced an online market for the end of June. What’s the idea behind it?

Answer: Professionals who sell and buy films need to get together to prepare for the future, which is 2021. Usually, the Marché du Film is reserved for professionals. Such a market is a place where films, excerpts, trailers and entire films are exchanged. But this will not be a normal festival with press, guests and audience. Even so, distributors will of course show the films to the press when they are released. Because then they need support. One of the greatest challenges facing the film world is getting films and audiences back into theaters around the world.

Question: Is an online version of the film festival also an option?

Answer: No. Can someone explain to me what a digital festival would look like? Who would the audience be? How would we organize it in time and space? Would the films, the writers, the producers agree? How would we fight piracy? What are the financial conditions? Would the films shown come into the cinemas? Journalists like to speak of a “digital festival”, but it must be pointed out that this only works for films that only had a career on the Internet, precisely because they would not have had a chance in the cinema.

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